This type is suitable for systems having a narrow flow range from 1 to 10, a non-Newfound foam fluid will be used to reduce the range to 1 to 5, this applies to over 12 bars of input pressure. If the pressure is lower, the range decreases even more. The lower flows produce low-pressure differentials in the vacuum chamber, which means that viscous foam liquids provide less flow range.

We have chosen a type of proportions equipped with diffusers, which recreates a portion of the input pressure more efficiently compared to the so-called orifice type, which does not restore any pressure.

Available for both foam pump systems and bladder tank systems.

If maximum flow range is desired, long lines between tank and proportions and also non-return valves are not allowed.

Do not mount with short straight stretches before and after the proportioner. Use at least 5 times the diameter in length.

We have the sizes from DN 50 to DN 250 as standard.